Sitemap - 2022 - In My Orbit with Jennifer Oliver O'Connell

John DiGirolamo's "It's Not About the Sex," Seeks to Inform, Enlighten, and Inspire

If Vigilance for Children is on Your Resolution List, "It's Not About The Sex," is a Great Information and Resource Guide for the New Year

Amfest 2022 Close Out

If Organization is Your Thing...

AmFest 2022 Highlights!

"The Making of an American Hip-Hop Tycoon" is Officially Launched!

With Kyrsten Sinema's Party Switch, Democrats Go from Dancing to Weeping and Gnashing of Teeth

"American Girl" Aligns with the Destroyers of Innocence

What A Fool Believes 2: Newsom Cosplays King George III

Balenciaga, Hollywood, and the Cult of Moloch

Shameless Self-Promotion Monday!

Pulling the Lid Off FTX Is Like Opening Up Pandora's Box

And That's The Way It Is...

News Bites for 10-29-2022

Shameless Self-Promotion Friday!

Parent's Rally at Capistrano Unified School District

Kira Davis is the Parent's Choice for Capistrano School Board

Huntington Beach, CA City Attorney Michael E. Gates

TPUSA-Faith/Beachcities Candidate Forum

Because All Politics IS Local

Shameless Self-Promotion Friday!

Scott Baugh is In It To Win It Against Democrat Katie Porter

Gavin Newsom, the Poster Child of What a Fool Believes

SF Assemblyman Phil Ting and Political Death by a 1,000 Papercuts

Phil Ting Expose, Part 3: Carmel Foster connecting the dots to boyfriend Phil Ting’s AB5 and AB2314 laws

Phil Ting Expose, Part 2: Carmel Foster, the political pawn of Phil Ting, L. Gonzalez and the AB5 bill

Phil Ting Expose, Part 1: Did CA Budget Chair Phil Ting use an extramarial affair to craft legislation?

The Making of An American Hip-Hop Tycoon available on Amazon!

A Conversation with Alfredo Ortiz, President of Job Creators Network

News Bites for 09-05-2022

Dr. Anthony Fauci's Curious Departure from NIH

News Bites for 08-21-2022

News Bites for 08-11-2022

Why The Raid on Mar-a-Lago Will Backfire

News Bites for 08-02-2022

The 4th Annual Miracles for Kids Golf Invitational Fundraiser

News Bites for 07-26-2022

Joe Biden Has COVID, and I Have Questions

Mr. Newsom Goes to Washington

News Bites for 07-09-2022

We Used to March, But Now We Twerk

My Interview on the Willie Saunders Show WPAT 930 AM New York!

Gavin Newsom's Hypocrisy Continues Apace

Happy Independence Day! Two Black Music Artists Give Glimmers of Hope

Mark Paoletta, Co-Author of "Created Equal: Clarence Thomas In His Own Words"

Full Interview: Mark Paoletta, Co-Author of "Created Equal: Clarence Thomas In His Own Words"

News Bites for 06-25-2022

Roe v. Wade Overturned

More Feckless Republicans Sacrifice Your 2nd Amendment Rights

Megan Rapinoe Burns the Bridge That Carried Her Over

News Bites for 06-18-2022

Brace Yourselves... The Left is Already Waging the Summer of Rage

News Bites for 06-11-2022

This Voter's Musings on California Primary Day

News Bites for 06-05-2022

Newsflash, National Media: Uvalde Does Not Need You; Leave Them Alone to Grieve and Process

News Bites for 05-24-2022

The Primary Battles Represent MAGA vs. Establishment, Grassroots vs. Legacy

A Short Talk Opening a '2000 Mules' Screening for Beachcities Biblical Citizenship Course

The Disposable Black Poors

News Bites for May 15, 2022

Full Interview: Tracy Robinson Talks Faith, Advocacy and her Film, 'The Matter of Life'

The 'Keep Nine' Coalition Has a Plan to Maintain the Integrity of the Supreme Court

Mother's Day News Bites 05-08-2022

Bonus News Bites for 05-04-2022

Full Interview: Joe Pinion for United States Senate in New York

The Democrats Make a Last Ditch Effort to Stave Off Midterm Defeat By Leaking a SCOTUS Draft Opinion

News Bites for 04-30-2022

DisInformation Board. Really?!

Because He's Elon Musk, and You're Not

News Bites for 04-23-2022

IN MY ORBIT: Full Interview with Cicely Davis, Minnesota Republican Candidate for U.S. Congress

The Branch Covidian Doctors Are On Parade

Ding, Dong, The Mandates Are Dead

News Bites for 04-14-2022

The California Business and Industrial Alliance Rallies on the Supreme Court Steps for PAGA Reform

Acronym Follies, with SCOTUS, PAGA, and CABIA Occupying the Week

News Bites for 04-02-2022

News Bites for 3-26-2022

The SCOTUS Nomination Dumpster Fire

News Bites for 03-18-2022

Reminder to Californians: Voting Them Out Is the Only Way

They Think We're Stupid...

News Bites for 03-04-2022

The Epic Sergeant Aja Smith Interview

IN MY ORBIT: CPAC 2022 Missive 02-27-2022

IN MY ORBIT: Aja Smith's Family Story is the Perfect Completer to Black History Month

CPAC Missive 02-26-2022 with The Real Kira Davis!

IN MY ORBIT: CPAC Missive and News Bites 02-25-2022

IN MY ORBIT: CPAC Missive for 02-24-2022

IN MY ORBIT: Trailblazer Ruby Foster Helps Me Celebrate Black History and Caring for Families in Need

News Bites for 02-20-2022

Valentine's Day News Bites! 02-14-2022

This Valentine's Day, ATF Wants You To Snitch on Your Ex

Look for HHS' Secy Xavier Becerra to be the First to Drop, as the Biden Administration Deflects Blame from COVID and Crack Pipes

Part 3: Despite SCOTUS' Holding up the CMS Mandate, It's Crumbling and Needs to Go

Crazy Leana Wen Says the Quiet Part Out Loud

News Bites for 02-04-2022

Conservative Women to Conservative Activists

Single-Payer in California Tabled

Straight Outta Hypocrisy

News Bites for 01-28-2022

Nancy Pelosi is Running for Re-Election; Hide Your Children

Stop the Mandates DC Rally and Worldwide Freedom Rallies Go Viral

News Bites for 01-21-2022

The March for Life 2021—50 Years Is A Testament

Part 2: SCOTUS' Elegant Concurrence on the OSHA Vaccine Mandate, and its Nonsensical Dissent

SCOTUS' Lesson on the Constitution and Authority, Part 1

Secure in the Polls Predicting Republicans Will Retake the House, GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy is Auditioning for Speaker

1/6 is NOT Comparable to 9/11; This Narrative Nonsense Must Be Debunked

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