After all, he has to look presidential at all times.
Happy New Year and the Political and Personal Outlook for 2023Listen now (12 min) | Forgiveness for my absence, and how 2023 is shaping up so far.
John DiGirolamo's "It's Not About the Sex," Seeks to Inform, Enlighten, and InspireWatch now (40 min) | This book on the stories behind human trafficking is an essential resource for 2023.
If Vigilance for Children is on Your Resolution List, "It's Not About The Sex," is a Great Information and Resource Guide for the New YearWatch now (4 min) | Author John DiGirolamo seeks to help us understand the faces that make up human trafficking, and give us the tools to help fight it.
Amfest 2022 Close OutWatch now (4 min) | This second Amfest was the establishment of a new paradigm in the Conservative sphere.
Last minute Christmas ideas for the orderly people in your life.
AmFest 2022 Highlights!Watch now (5 min) | Year 2 of this upstart TPUSA Conservative Conference has great opportunities, and great offerings!
"The Making of an American Hip-Hop Tycoon" is Officially Launched!Watch now (5 min) | Who knew a hybrid book and music event could be this much fun?
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