Sitemap - 2023 - In My Orbit with Jennifer Oliver O'Connell

2023: The Year That Was

The Week That Was: Christmas Joy and Christmas Grief, New Year's Vision and Old Year's Relief

The Ghosts of Christmas Past, The Joy of Christmas Present, The Hope of Christmas Future

The Week That Was: Border Cares, Candidate Flares, and Angels Unaware

The White House's Tone Deaf, Virtue-Signaling Christmas

The Week That Was: Of Christmas, Conservatism, and Presidential Candidates

My Brush with Greatness: RIP Norman Lear

The Week That Was: Red State v. Blue State, Togetherness v. Loneliness, and Posers v. Overcomers

"One Table" Represents the Spirit of Community Embrace and Giving to Others, and Just Might Be What Saves America

Segment With Mike Ferguson on His American Viewpoints Podcast

The Week That Was: Next Gen Largesse, Judicial Soundness, and Maori BadAssness

Full Interview: Ben Swann of Truth in Media

Ben Swann of Truth In Media Talks Lara Logan, J6, the Legacy Media and the Search for Truth

What's Spinning

The Week That Was: The Crazy Among Us, The Evil That Stuns Us, and Political Fungus

'It's Not You, It's Me': Talking New Hampshire Secession with Carla Gericke and Matthew Santonastaso

The Tedious Effort to Extinguish the Gaslighting

Déjà Trois: NBC Hosts the Republican Debate in Miami

On Matthew Perry, Wisdom, and Fame

The Week That Was: Social Engineering, Political Queering, and Community Peering

Full Interview: Update from Kirk Cameron on "See You At The Library" and His Latest Brave Book Release, "The Fox, The Fair, and the Invention Scare"

Saudi Arabia’s PaliLine Can Re-Home Gaza’s “Best and Brightest”

The Week That Was: Culture Big-Ups, Fail-Ups, And Political Flail-Ups

The House Speaker Follies Continue: Jim Jordan is Out of Moves and Has Been Removed from the Running

Pop Culture: Jada Pinkett-Smith and Britney Spears Star In the Women Starving for Attention Edition

The Week That Was: Palate Cleanser, Patriotism, and Reinvention on Display

Israel's Foes, Election Throes, and House Speaker Woes

The Week That Was: Targeting Revival, Haley's Resurrection, California Flexing

The Week That Was: Presidential Permutations, Higher Office Aspirations, and Pro-Life Implications

Another GOP Debate and Media Hit with Kristain Garic

Full Interview: Roman Balmakov, "No Farmers, No Food: Will You Eat the Bugs?"

Roman Balmakov Talks His Documentary, "No Farmers, No Food," and All the Ways That They Will Force You to Eat the Bugs

Full Interview: Cameron Hamilton, Former DHS Division Director and VA-07 Congressional Candidate

Full Interview: Kash Patel Talks His New Book, "Government Gangsters"

The Week That Was: Alabama Holds The Line, J6 Still on Our Minds, and "Fancy Like" and It's Singer Is a Man for Our Time

Full Interview: Investigative Journalist Lara Logan Discusses her J6 Docuseries, "The Rest of The Story"

What's Spinning? A Full Week of Interview Subjects, Culminating with my Chat with Investigative Journalist Lara Logan

The Week That Was: New Format, New Website, Who Dis?!

New Mexico Governor Sets the Tone for the Dem 2024 Agenda

Kevin Sorbo Full Interview: Hollywood Cancellation and 'The Test of Lionhood'

Why Taking Charge of Your Health Is Critical, and More Discoveries on My Journey to Wellness

Travels with Maddie: Travel Journal Vol. I

Will Trump's Mug Shot Really Win Black Voters?

The Week That Was: GOP Debate Post-Mortem, Immigration Consortium, and 2024 Melancholia

NumbersUSA Chris Chmielenski Says Southern Border Will Be a Hot Topic for Election 2024

The GOP Debate is This Evening!

Lizzo is Being Toppled From Her Throne. She Should Have Never Had the Seat In the First Place

The Week That Was: Candidate Flexing, Advocacy Group Testing, and Hot Sauce Wars

The Week That Was: Music Highs and Lows, 2024 In the Crosshairs, and Fresh Hope for the Confederacy

Friday Feels: American Voices

The Lizzo Lawsuit, and Why I No Longer Co-Sign The Body Positivity Movement

The 'See You At The Library' Events This Weekend Were a Win for the First Amendment

The Week That Was: Candidates Bare Their Knuckles, Library Suppression Topples, and a State Hits Rock Bottom

The Brave and Beautiful Riley Gaines

What I'm Reading: The Fiction That is Barack Obama

The Week That Was: Inflation Mitigation, Congressional Combobulations, and Scandal Eradication

What's Spinning? MOTION 2023 is Underway!

The Republican Presidential Contenders and Why You Should Be Paying Attention

The Week That Was: Progressives Scheming, Mentorship Beaming, and Bureaucratic Reaming

Interview with Photojournalist and Activist Chelly (CK) Bouferrache

The Week That Was: Exposing Antifa, Congressional Mettle, and Pedophile Glorification

The Week That Was: The Op-Eds Have it, Jewels, Pigs, and Relationships, and a Proper Megaphone on a Serious Matter

Interview with David Harris, Jr. on Patriotism and His Brave Books title, 'A Town Worth Saving'

Marriage vs. Playing House

The Week That Was: SCOTUS Slap Downs, Patriotism All Around and the Celebration of Our Nation

The Week That Was: Dobbs at One, Corruptofornia, and Gen Alpha Leading the Way

Trump's Arraignment and the Fight for America

The Week That Was: Retaking the Culture, Bureaucratic Vultures, and Societal Torture

The Brave Books Interview: Kirk Cameron and Trent Talbot

The Week That Was: Congressional Oversight, Transcendence into Heavenly Light, and Meritocratic Confluence v. Mediocre Influence

Why Tim Scott Gives Me Hope

The Week That Was: Based Trump, Border Dump, and Quality Journalism Pump

Video Bite: John Solomon and 'Back to Basics' Journalism

Video Bite: John Solomon and Just The News

The John Solomon Interview

The Week That Was: Judicial Badness, Trans Madness, and Democrat Sadness

What's Spinning? I Got to Fan-Girl Today!

Promotional and Personal News Bite

The Week That Was: Trailblazers Passing, Fossils Running, and Incompetence In The Highest of Places

Megyn Kelly Spills Some Tea on the Tucker Carlson Departure

Monday's News Cycle Is Already Giving Me Whiplash!

Cool Humans and Why Orazie Cook of Praline's Backyard Foundation is One of Them

The Week That Was: Trailblazers Passing, Gaslighters Gassing, and Red State Amassing

The Week That Was: Life and Death, Repentance and Redemption, and How to Handle Illness

Pastor Jay Stewart On 'Life Ride' and the Church Reawakening their Call to Uphold LIFE

Come and Join The Girl on Notes

The Week That Was: Federal Disruption, More California Corruption, and the Vision for 2024

The Week That Was: California Corruption, Trans Disruption, and Espionage Shenanigans

The Week That Was: Interviews, Potential Indictments, Biden Policy Slap Downs, and Exposing the House of Fauci

A Black Man Schools Dr. Fauci in His American Masters Puffu-Mentary

Great Interview with Corrin Rankin, CA GOP Vice Chair

Wen Fa, Senior Attorney at Pacific Legal Foundation on the San Francisco Reparations Proposal

The Week That Was: One Way or The Other, It's All About the Benjamins

The Week That Was: The World Keeps Spinning

I Hope You Join My Chat!

Gavin Newsom Has COVID, And I Don't Feel Too Good Myself

'The Jesus Revolution,' Lonnie Frisbee, and What We Can Learn

About That Chinese Spy Balloon...

Big Tech Censorship Is A Thing

Gavin Newsom Never Lets a Tragedy Go to Waste

Happy New Year and the Political and Personal Outlook for 2023