Video Bite: John Solomon and 'Back to Basics' Journalism

There are 5 basics that modern journalism has lost. Solomon talks about how we get them back.

May 12, 2023
John Solomon discusses the pursuit of truth at the Brave Books tour. Credit: Brave Books. Used with permission.

“You must be neutral. You can't put sides. You can't put your thumb on one side or the other, which is what journalists have been doing consistently since the summer of 2015. We have to go back to neutral, accurate, precise. Fair and balanced journalism. All the other things that the White House Correspondents’ Dinner was celebrating in the black tie affair is the anathema to most Americans. Throw that out. We are not morally superior. We're not better than the people we cover the news for. We're not smarter than them. Throw all that out. That’s some bogus agenda that someone poisoned your head with.”