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Promotional and Personal News Bite

It's the National Day of Prayer, Remember the 'Life Ride', and some personal news for 05-04-2023

From beautiful Crystal Cove State Park, I bid you a blessed National Day of Prayer and a Happy Thursday! I don’t consider myself a Star Wars fan, so I’m not going to do the usual “greeting” of that nerd crowd, despite the date. I’m just patching in to encourage you to keep the Life Ride, which launched today, in your prayers.

Here’s the throwback to the Feel-Good Friday article on Jay Stewart and his Life Ride commitment and journey across the country. For my paid subscribers, the entire interview is on video for your viewing pleasure.

Feel-Good Friday: Pastor Jay Stewart Talks About the 'Life Ride' and Being the Church

And for those who have not read or heard, we are leaving California for more financially (and politically) conducive climes. So, a plug to keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we close out and close down our minimal concerns in the state.

Have a wonderful Thursday and rest of your week. Happy May!

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