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I have lots spinning around some articles I wrote for RedState and 1819 News. If you have not seen either, here are links for context, as well as my receipts in my rebuttal of a Newsweek hit piece written about me.

Lots to unpack—have your popcorn ready!

Pro-Life/Mike Ferguson’s American Viewpoints


1819 News Investigative coverage of the F.L. Bubba Copeland story.



My Op-Ed in 1819 on the matter.


I refuse to link Newsweek’s garbage. If they haven’t scrubbed it, it should be easy to find with the headline, especially after you see the video.

NOTE: After recording my video, I just noticed the date and timestamp on the Newsweek piece was November 11, 2023 at 10:56 a.m. mere hours (if that) after I published my piece. So, this reporter didn’t even bother to actually investigate any of what I said, she just pulled it out her hindquarters. <insert *eyeroll* emoji>

The text of U.S. Code 18 §2261


The WTVM News story that quotes the women victimized by Bubba Copeland


Southern Baptist Convention beliefs.

The Southern Baptist Convention clearly lays out what it believes about alternative lifestyles, transgender, and homosexual agendas. The church Copeland pastored was an SBC member church. So, no mystery on what Copeland was supposed to stand for.




The Alabama Baptist statement on the Bubba Copeland story.


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